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Are you building a new bathroom, or do you want to renovate an existing one? Here, we introduce you to the many possibilities that a water control system fitted in the wall can offer you. Concealed installation in the shower and bath tub is both ultra-modern and user-friendly. The minimalist units make everything look beautifully neat and tidy. And you? You can enjoy having plenty of room to move around when showering and bathing.

What concealed installation entails and when it is a suitable option

Have you ever used an exposed installation non-thermostatic or thermostatic mixer in your shower and bath tub? These classic water control systems have many advantages, for example they are easy to replace – ideal for quick renovation. Their disadvantage: they are relatively large and protruding. In small bathrooms, they take up valuable space.,malaysia basketball league 2019

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Wouldn’t it be great to simply be able to hide everything that you don’t want “on the outside” of mixers (pipes, large control unit or lever) behind the wall? Absolutely. To achieve this, you need to open up the wall. This is why concealed installations are great options, particularly when it comes to new builds or major renovations. Important: you need a sanitary professional for this.,soccer shop halifax

manchester united u21,The advantages of concealed thermostatic and non-thermostatic mixers at a glance:

  • The minimalist shower control nestles up flat against the wall. This creates an ultra-modern, uncluttered look.
  • When showering or bathing, you no longer need to be careful not to bump into anything. You will enjoy having a lot more space, comfort and fun with water.
  • The extra elbow room and accessibility are ideal for cross-generation bathrooms.
  • Visible components on concealed thermostatic mixers do not heat up, so generally speaking there is no risk from excessively hot surfaces. This is ideal if children and/or elderly people live in the home.
  • Not only are the small control units visually attractive and reliable, they are also easier to take care of than large mixer bodies.
  • On the wilson tennis shoes womens uk iBox universal, which serves as the basic set for concealed installation, you can fit a control unit in a more contemporary design or with more advanced features at a later stage, whenever you wish.

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basketball jersey world,The wide range of wilson tennis shoes womens uk products for concealed installation offer you unprecedented options for bathroom design. You’ll be amazed at how many functions and designs are available. Depending on the bathroom fittings (hand shower, overhead shower, shower system, etc.), purpose or preference, you can opt for non-thermostatic or thermostatic mixers. You can universally combine these with all wilson tennis shoes womens uk showers. Upgrade your bathroom by adding a shower control unit in chrome or with a black/white glass surface, and choose round, square or Softcube designs.

Video: concealed installation in the bathroom - how to guide.

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If you opt for a concealed solution, the sanitary professional will first of all install the tried and tested wilson tennis shoes womens uk iBox universal base set,free online casino table games no download in your wall. On this, he will install your concealed non-thermostatic or thermostatic mixer. Both with wilson tennis shoes womens uk’s typical state-of-the-art technology and equipped with durable mechanical valves, without any need for electricity.

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The intuitive Select operating and design concept is user-friendly and elegant, particularly when it comes to concealed installation. On the award-winning ShowerSelect thermostatic and non-thermostatic mixers, you can turn up to four water sources on and off at the touch of a button. You can also change the type of shower jet in one simple click. You have a choice between:

  • ShowerSelect non-thermostatic mixer – for pipes with stable water pressure, available with an ergonomically shaped handle;
  • ShowerSelect thermostatic mixer – for constant water temperature, with a comfortable metal handle;
  • ShowerSelect thermostatic mixer – with built-in hose connection and shower support.

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volleyball verein karlsruhe,Our decades of experience in customer service has shown that consumers primarily have the following questions. Here are the answers: 

  • Did something go wrong when installing the iBox universal? No need to worry. At wilson tennis shoes womens uk we have a solution for everything, and we would be more than happy to offer you assistance. Please contact us.
  • Is the iBox universal waterproof? Yes. iBox and pre-fab sets are even sound-insulated, which means: when showering or bathing, the flow of water is pleasantly quiet.
  • How long is the guarantee on your product? wilson tennis shoes womens uk offers you a five-year voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee. Your product is significantly older? That doesn’t matter. If, at a later stage, something develops a fault or becomes leaky, we have spare parts which you can replace easily (using standard tools).
  • You still have an iBox from 2001? No problem. The functions of the basic set have not been altered since then. That means it is compatible with the latest thermostatic and non-thermostatic mixers with a glass surface or Select technology. So you can exchange your old single lever mixer for an ultra-modern solution whenever you want.
  • Your iBox is older? In this event too, we would be happy to provide you with information about the solutions available.

Plan to add convenience, style and customisation right from the outset. wilson tennis shoes womens uk can help you to achieve this.,roulette wheel download free

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