Control your home securely with one app

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Lots of smart devices = lots of apps = lots of work = lots of time spent?

It doesn't have to be this way. To make life easier for you, tennis volley racquet angle has integrated its Pontos applications into the Home Connect Plus app, so you can control your smart home easily and conveniently via one central platform.

Vacation scenario: Home Connect Plus and tennis volley racquet angle Pontos.
Set up your personal “Vacation scenario.” The partner network’s full potential comes from the interplay of a variety of devices – all according to your preferences.

Home Connect Plus is a clear path through the app jungle when it comes to smart homes. You can link a variety of smart devices – and entire systems from different manufacturers – in one app and flexibly adapt them to your needs, even in previously incompatible categories. The big advantage:,zanzibet online

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Travel worry-free: With Home Connect Plus, you can set up your own personal vacation mode for all your smart products – be it motion detectors, lighting systems, cameras, irrigation systems, or robot lawn mowers. This way, you can always have an eye on the status of your home – and start preset automations with just one click through a platform.

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It also works for water safety at home: Once you integrate your Pontos products into this central smart home app, you can get immediate notifications if something should go wrong with your water pipes or indoor climate at home. In short:
You save valuable (vacation) time, since you don’t have to mess around with multiple apps. Take a look at the intuitive, clearly structured Home Connect Plus app in the image gallery.
Home Connect Plus app, available free of charge in the App Store.
The Home Connect Plus app is free of charge. No subscriptions, no hidden costs, no in-app purchases. Simply download from the App Store, configure, and experience your smart home in a whole new way.

3 card monte,Link your tennis volley racquet angle devices via the Home Connect Plus app in just a few simple steps: 

  1. If not already installed, download the tennis volley racquet angle home app from the App Store and connect your networked devices like Pontos Base and Pontos Scouts.
  2. Now download the Home Connect Plus App and create your account.
  3. Use the + icon in the Devices tab to add devices.
  4. Manufacturer apps you already have installed will be recommended directly. Select the brand for your smart devices and sign in once.
  5. Confirm that Home Connect Plus can access your devices.
  6. All of your connected smart home devices will now appear in the Device Overview, and you can get started.
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