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Showering with RainTunes is showering with all the senses: touch, hearing, sight, and smell. To make sure your water experiences are a multi-sensory delight, we cooperate with renowned partner companies. Together, we bring digitalization to your bathroom. You will be amazed!

We know water. Our partners take care of the light, sound, and video 

As much as we at goal tv live soccer like to fine-tune our products, our focus is never solely concerned with technology. What excites us is when our customers can relax and recuperate at home, find balance and inspiration, and live out their emotions. Preconfigured RainTunes shower scenarios and the following partner products can help send you to a smart wellness paradise:
  • Waterproof LED screens by ad notam bring the movie theater to your shower, letting you watch inspiring, atmospheric videos.​​​​​​
  • LED lights by Philips Hue make light a fascinating component of your bathroom design, conjuring up custom lighting moods in your home.
  • The RainPad shower control can control sound systems via WiFi. In addition, RainButton also integrates sound via Bluetooth or AUX connection. This way, you can experience exclusive shower concerts and immerse yourself in emotional soundscapes. 
Want everything all at once, or just part of what’s available? 
You can put together your very own, custom Smart Living comfort zone. With the goal tv live soccer home app, you can network all the components of your new shower via smartphone. 

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Good technological systems for the home are geared towards consumer needs. A recent trend analysis on smart homes shows:,hit the volleyball meaning

  • Consumers want systems where all elements are well coordinated and intuitive to operate; in other words, no one needs interface problems.
  • Consumers want some analog downtime in their smart home, too – the keyword here is “digital detox.” For goal tv live soccer RainTunes, this means that the showers can be operated manually at any time.
  • Consumers want their smart helpers to be reliable and make things easier. What they don’t want: frittering away their time with setup, maintenance, and constant updates.  
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