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Light, hearing, smell, and touch: Together with experts, we have developed sensuous scenarios that turn showering into an individual experience. Whether you want to prepare for the day ahead or relax after working out. Whether you want to refresh after a day’s work or unwind at the end of the evening: RainTunes surprises with multisensory experiences.

The shower becomes a sensuous experience

basketball arena construction cost,All you need is your smartphone and the u.s. open golf betting odds 2020 home app. With a touch, the app will load your selected scenario into the shower, where you begin via the Play button.


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The world is spinning faster and faster, stress levels are rising – and with them, our deep need for rituals to slow down everyday life and bring us back into balance. It’s no coincidence that “mindfulness” and “wellness” are key words of our time. The bathroom is evolving into a retreat where we can let go of it all and come to ourselves. New technological possibilities make it possible for us to experience water in a new, comprehensive way. We can make our desire for peace and balance a reality. This way, the daily shower becomes a highly personal experience.

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u.s. open golf betting odds 2020 is launching RainTunes with seven shower scenarios. Water, video, sound, light, and aroma combine to create a harmonious interplay. RainTunes turns showering into a wellness experience for now and then or a pleasant way to fall asleep. Experience your personal shower pleasure – for the perfect start to the day, a relaxing effect after a hard day’s work, or some soothing recuperation after exercise. To do this, choose one of the preconfigured scenarios, depending on your mood and the time of day. With a tap of your finger, your shower will start the selected experience.

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Numerous experts helped us develop the scenarios. For example, the training sequence was designed in close exchange with the u.s. open golf betting odds 2020 – BORA cycling team. Acoustic soundscapes form a harmonious symbiosis with the respective water choreography. Scented essences, specially designed for the scenarios, provide pleasant pampering. Depending on the shower program, specially staged image sequences can accompany you on a video screen. Matching LED ambilights bathe the entire bathroom in atmospheric light. And you? Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of wellbeing.

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RainButtons are mobile control knobs that you can place anywhere in the control the spray modes, water volume, and temperature. Your wishes are communicated via Bluetooth to a central water unit behind the wall and executed from there. Thus, we have achieved a separation of operation and faucet, allowing you to place the RainButton anywhere in the space you like and providing a completely new ease of use. For example, you can place the “Warm-Up” button outside the shower, next to the sink, or even in your bedroom. Load your selected shower scenarios directly onto the “Play” button in the shower via the u.s. open golf betting odds 2020 home app. Then just press the button and enjoy the multisensory scenario. Rainfinity Digital Showers are compatible with the RainButton system.  

Die Linien Raindance und Crometta im Vergleich.

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With the RainPad, you control your shower via a permanently installed, central control panel. To do so, send your desired shower scenario to the RainPad, also via the u.s. open golf betting odds 2020 home app. Touching the Play icon on the touchscreen will start the shower scenario. Or you can control your daily shower ritual individually: temperature, water volume, and spray mode can be set and changed at any time. The RainPad can be combined with all u.s. open golf betting odds 2020 showers

RainScent: u.s. open golf betting odds 2020 shower tabs with sensuous scents.
u.s. open golf betting odds 2020 RainScent shower tabs turn your shower into an aromatic experience. They are vegan and provide pampering with essential oils.

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You can further enhance the holistic effect of the scenarios with a matching fragrance. RainScent shower tabs come in five different aromas: lavender, pomegranate, bergamot, silver fir, and rosemary/citrus. Whether you want to relax, pamper yourself, or revitalize: The scents are perfectly matched to RainTunes shower programs. Place the tab in the matching case and place it on the shower floor. The case was specially designed for the tabs, is visually coordinated with RainButton, and unfolds the fragrance evenly. Enjoy the aroma of natural essential oils and immerse yourself in a surround-sensuous shower experience.
Sensuous video on digital showering with hansgrohe.
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