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there are numerous ways for you to score while playing tennis. if you serve, and your opponent does not return the ball, hits the net on the return, or returns the ball and it goes out of bounds,...

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On the one hand, the ball must fly so high that your opponent cannot reach it. If the ball is too low, you give your opponent the chance to play a simple smash. On the other hand, you must not hit the ball too high or too far back, otherwise it will land outside the court.

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This can be to stretch your opponent out wide with a slice serve, to push him back with a flat serve into his body, or both push him back and stretch him on a fast topspin serve up the middle. When your opponent cannot effectively get behind the ball put his bodyweight and have a good swing into contact with the ball to keep it low, your chances of hitting an easier first volley is significantly improved.

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ace, noun: in tennis, a very fast serve that your opponent cannot reach with their racket ace , verb: to serve an ace against in tennis Example: Murray aced his opponent no fewer than 11 times .

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♥Ace a very fast serve that your opponent cannot reach with their racket. ♥Deuce the score in tennis when both players have 40 points. ♥Lob a shot that is hit in a high arc, usually over the opponent’s head. ♥Tiebreaker an extra game played to decide who will win when both players have six games each. ♥Rally a long series of shots

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A groundstroke that your opponent cannot return because it is out of reach is called a (n) Winner (like an ace but in a rally) Peter and Zac are playing a tiebreak. Peter started serving in the tiebreak. The score is 3-2.

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One reason you’re not improving your tennis game anymore is likely that you’ve stopped challenging yourself. While it’s undoubtedly important to give your body a break and play in a way that doesn’t destroy your love of the game, you can’t reach new goals without pushing yourself. Taking on more-experienced players or players whose ...