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Tennis Racquet Grip Sizes | How-To Guide With Chart & Visuals

A tennis racquet’s grip size measures the circumference or distance around the handle, ...

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This grip band is available in different thicknesses from 1.5 to approx. 2.5 mm. Most basic grip bands are between 1.8 and 2.0 mm. The overgrip or overband is wrapped over the existing baseband. Also this grip is available in different thicknesses from 0.4 to 0.8 mm.

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How to measure your tennis grip size

A typical overgrip will increase a grip by 1/16 inch. You can also increase grip size using a heat-shrink sleeve. One heat shrink sleeve will increase grip size by 1/8 inch. Both methods will increase overall racquet weight slightly (7-16 grams), but the benefits of a correct grip size far "outweigh" the disadvantages of this added mass.

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The smaller the grip size the easier it is to move around and hit the ball according to how you want it to. Roger Federer uses a grip size of L3 which is 4 3/8 and it makes his ball thrive with topspin and power because it is on the middle end of the spectrum. Rafael Nadal, the King of Spin uses a grip size of L2 which 4 ¼.

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Product details. Product number 0316350121500000. Product type Overgrips. Sub product type Tennis overgrip. 1. color white. Brands color name white. Grip tape size Feucht, Klebrig. Grip type Synthetic grip. Unit Price € 1,41/PCS.

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Tennis Grips | Types of Grips Explained & Illustrated

History of Tennis Grips. In the early days of the sport, the continental grip dominated. Wooden racquets strung with natural gut strings were the norm, and up until 1974, three of the world’s biggest tournaments were played on grass, including Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and the US Open.