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What Is A Grunt In Tennis?

A grunt in tennis is a noise that a player makes during a match, usually in the form of a loud, often distracting wail. Grunting has been a popular practice of the sport since the 1990s and is more typical of women tennis players. A grunt usually follows a player swinging their racket, and is seen by many as a natural reaction to exerting a great force on the ball.

Why Do Tennis Players Grunt? Effective Strategy or A Myth?

These are the possible reasons why tennis players may grunt during a match: 1. Grunting keeps a player’s rhythm intact. In a match, to keep up with the opponent, one can never get out of sync. It may seem random, but all the grunts remind the players to exhale and return. It keeps the muscle memory alive and sharp.

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Just like weightlifters grunt and exhale audibly between reps when they are lifting heavy weights, tennis players grunt to mark the moment when their racket makes contact with the ball. Given that the sport of tennis involves an incredible amount of repetition, muscle memory, and focus, using an audible cue to mark certain movements can help.

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Grunting in tennis is the very loud noise, sometimes described as "shrieking" or "screaming", made by some players while hitting their shots. It is prominent in both men's and women's tennis. Monica Seles and Jimmy Connors are generally considered to be the "grunt creators" in the women's and men's games respectively.

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Tennis players grunt because it helps them concentrate, breathe, and increase their intensity. Grunting can be beneficial to every tennis player, as it is scientifically proven to increase shot velocity by roughly 5%. Some players have been so used to grunting for so long that they already see grunting as a part of their on-court identity.

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Believe it or not, grunting can often be the result of physical exertion, even if it seems somewhat excessive for certain players. After all, when you are playing tennis at a high level, the effort required to get the maximum velocity and pace on the ball can be quite extraordinary, which can often express itself through an external grunt.

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Tennis Now's Blair Henley compiles some of the best -- or is it worst? -- grunts in tennis history.Visit Tennisnow.com for all tennis newsLike us on Facebook...

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Grunting can give players a tactical advantage. Emitting a grunt as they hit the ball helps their rhythm and lets them hit the ball harder without depleting their oxygen supplies.