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Four VolleyballDigging DrillsThe Pressure Repetitive Hitting Drill. One digger is placed in the middle of the court with myself and one or two of my assistant coaches on the same side of the net as the diggers. Coaches are in Zone 4 and Zone 2 and sometimes in Zone 3. Hitters and diggers half court distance apart.

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Passing Drill . The aim of volleyball is to keep the ball in motion. Digging is a defensive move meant to keep the ball in the air after it has been lobbed over the net from the other side. Before you learn to dig you must learn to pass. A basic passing drill requires at least two players. Spread yourselves a good distance from one another. Commence the drill by tossing easy passes to one another.

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Tasks in Our Volleyball Digging Drills The Coach (or player) on position C1 or C2 stands on the box and swings the ball over the net to the defender on the line and angle, one after another. If the coach or players are skilled enough, it is the most beneficial to do this drill without the stand - and use hitters who swing from the setter's set.

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Team-on-3-Digging Drill is the type of volleyball digging drill that teaches volleyball players how to react to serves in the best possible way. It’s important to know that at least four volleyball players (3 diggers and 1 server) participate in this drill. Three volleyball players (3 diggers) have to go to defensive side of the court.

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Each player has a ball and will attempt to keep this ball in the air by "digging" it using only one arm. Dig Partner'S Strike. category: 4-Passing-Drills. Working in pairs the feeder spikes the ball to the worker. The worker has to dig it back to the feeder, and prepare to receive the next sho...

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digging the hard hit. reading then chasing down the tip while trying to stay on your feet. running down the deep shot to the far Zone 5 corner while trying to stay on your feet. digging a settable ball (high in the court as near to Zone 3 - middle front- as possible) if not possible then to the middle of the court.

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Check out http://www.volleyballdrills.tv/volleyballdrills/category/volleyball-drills/team for the description on how to do this drill!

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Digging The Wall (Solo Drill) In this drill you toss the ball to the wall, then hit it and then dig your rebound. At first don’t hit the ball very hard, it’s going to be challenging to pick up the rebound, but as you get the hang of it, challenge yourself. Vary the speed, angle, and height of your tosses and hits. The Endless Dig