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Uniforms must be free of hard and unyielding items (buttons, zippers, snaps, fasteners, etc.). e. A single, visible manufacturer’s logo and/or single school name or insignia no more than 2 ¼ inches are

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Volleyball Uniform Rules and Regulations

Many elements of uniform required at the high school level remain the same for collegiate teams. Players must wear a uniform top and bottom, though at the college level they must be of a solid color. Each player must have a number displayed on the front and back of the jersey.


NFHS VOLLEYBALL JERSEY RULES (2021-22) RULE 4-2-1: ART. 1 . . . All uniforms shall adhere to the following: a. Uniform tops [with the exception of the libero (4-2-2)] shall be like-colored and unifor m bottoms shall be like-colored. b. Uniforms shall be worn as the manufacturer intended.

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The libero jersey does not need to be school colors but it needs to contrast to the other team members’ uniforms. A clear contrasting color could be white, yellow, green, pink, etc. Question 14: During the WIAA Tournament what color jersey does the home team wear? Answer: Volleyball does not use a specific home and away jersey color.

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Girls Volleyball Uniforms Have Been a Topic of Controversy For a While. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) volleyball uniform regulations, girls volleyball uniform tops must all be the same color (with the exception of the libero).

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Kirsten Higareda, a high school libero interviewed in the Sept. 20, 2007 edition of "The Washington Post," knows what it's like to try and explain the libero position to volleyball spectators. Volleyball is unique in the way it requires one member of a team to wear a jersey colored differently from the rest of the roster members.

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Hit the court or take to the sand in style with custom volleyball uniforms and jerseys. At TeamSportswear, we offer long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and sleeveless custom volleyball jerseys for men, women, and youth - as well as a variety of shorts, compression gear, and more. Our volleyball team uniforms prepare players for every bump, set, and dig.

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Liberos wear different colored jerseys to distinguish themselves from the rest of the team. Defensive Specialist The key different thing between the defensive specialist and other volleyball positions is their ability to replace out any player on the court.

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I was watching the World Cup Championships of Men’s Volleyball the other day between the United States and Brazil. Why does one player wear a different colored jersey in Volleyball? Thanks, Nora — — — If you’re interested in other Olympics sports, I’ve written about all the events and have worked on some schedules too. Find it all here.